Monday, August 25, 2008

Huckleberries part 2

Despite our poor luck on our last huckleberry hunt we decided to try again. Todd remembered a co-worker talking about picking berries up Dry Ridge a few years ago so we decided to go looking---and we hit the Jackpot! Todd found a huge patch along a ridge in the trees. We picked 6 cups and could have picked more if we'd had the time. The boys and I went up with Jenn today and picked a few more in a new patch we found. Jenn's the one who first showed us what a huckleberry bush looked like so I thought we at least owed her a few berries! It sure was fun--wish I'd taken more pictures!

Cutie pie

I don't really have a description for this photo. I just think Coleman looks so stinkin cute in it! Love you Coleman!

Sing, Sing A Song

Deacon is my singer! He's always singing a song and a lot times he just makes them up. He's especially good at singing for Coleman. If he's fussing in the car Deacon will sing little songs for him. This is what he was singing to him a few nights ago:

Hush little Coleman don't say a word
I'm gonna buy you a mockingbird
And if that mockingbird don't sing
I'm gonna buy you a fishy
And if that fishy don't swim
I'm gonna buy you a wormy. . .

He's just at such a fun age right now! Todd left for his 5 day hike this morning. He was up early getting ready and Deacon was hanging out with him before he left. He asked Todd if he could please go with him and he promised he wouldn't get tired! He said he'd walk the whole way!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


We went to Jackson Friday night for a retirement party at the ranch Mare used to work at. We just decided to camp over there instead of drive home late. Coleman fnally got to wear the outfit Lisa bought him. Looks cute in the tent doesn't he. The car's temp gauge said it was 36 when we got up in the morning. Definately a little cool. But we made it and found a great campsite along a stream.

Friday, August 15, 2008


We went hiking up Moose Creek a few weeks ago and found a few huckleberry bushes. The berries weren't ripe then so we left them alone. On a whim we decided to go hunt some huckleberries up last night. So we headed back to Moose Creek. We found a ton of huckleberry bushes on the trail but not so many huckleberries. It looked like they'd already been picked over. Besides the ones we ate we only came back with this pitiful not-so-full bowl in my blurry picture. Todd and I could see berry bushes off in the trees so I think if we'd had more time and few less kids with us we'd have picked a lot more! :) But the evening was pleasant and the lupine were still in bloom so the trip wasn't a complete bust. Hopefully we'll have better luck when we go chokecherry picking next week!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday To Deacon!!!

Today is Deacon's 3rd Birthday! I can't believe my little man is so old! Deacon was up at 6:30 ready to eat birthday cake! Unfortunately his mom hadn't made it yet so he had to settle for opening presents! He and Liston had all the presents open in no time. He said his favorite presents were his pig and his frog---that oink and croak! But he's been playing with everything so I think presents were a success! Liston has been a little jealous but Deacon has been pretty good at sharing his new toys. After presents Papa took Deacon to get his breakfast of choice---a doughnut. Yeah healthy I know! After breakfast the boys played the morning away! In the afternoon we hung up the pinate and the boys started swingng. . . .and swinging and swinging! Mama made a little yellow worm pinate and he was pretty tough so Todd had to come to the rescue with some tough swings. Well after that we had planned to go to the mtns but the day was going by fast so Deacon decided we would go to the Alta park. So we ran around for a while and then came home for birthday cake. I made a dirt cake with worms and grasshoppers---Deacon liked eating all the gummy worms! And that's been our day--it's time for stories and bed! Deacon is such a sweet little boy and so funny---he's always telling me crazy jokes! And how he loves his brothers! When Deacon got a Ninja Turtle from Aunt Reanna the first thing he noticed was that it was Leo. And he knows Leo is Liston's favorite so he wanted to give it to him! Such a neat little guy and we sure love him! I love you Deaq--"a billion times"!


I took Deacon out on a little hike yesterday afternoon while Mare got stuff ready for his birthday today. We hiked up the ski hill and had a PB&J sandwich. We walked for 2 hours and still didn't make it to the top. You can see the last switchback in the picture behind him. He told Mare that we didn't make it to the mountain when she asked him about it. He likes to make faces now when you take his picture.

Today is his birthday so Birthday pictures to follow.

Friday, August 8, 2008


My little Coleman sure is growing up fast---too fast! Some days I just want to cuddle him and gaze at him a while cause it seems this sweet infant stage is far too short! But it is fun to see him playing with toys and babbling at his brothers---he just lights up whenever he sees Liston or Deacon. And he even rolled over for the first time this week. It sure has been a blessing to have this little man join our family!


Liston and Deacon sure have had a lot of fun playing in the back yard. The summer started with them digging worms all day but soon they discovered the grasshoppers and it was love at first sight! Most mornings they are out the door as soon as their little eyes pop open ready to catch some friends!!! I didn't mind too much at first because the grasshoppers were small but now they've gotten huge and kind of give me the creeps!! Liston likes to tease me by shoving a big fat grasshopper in my face to inspect. Deacon's pretty good at catching a bunch and putting them in the bucket seat of his bike---he collects a bunch of grass for them and stuff. Liston likes to carry his around all day and let it sit on his shoulder. He even made a little sleeping bag for one out of some leaves! A few days ago Liston came in from the yard just sobbing. I thought he must have fallen down and gotten hurt. Turns out he had a little grasshopper he'd been playing with all day and he'd gone back out to visit him and the grasshopper was dead. He was sooo sad to lose his little grasshopper friend. Poor guy! Here are some pics of the boys with a few of their hopping friends!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Liston's new clothes

Here was Liston today before church. He is wearing his new clothes that Grams sent. He sure is handsome. Deacon of course wanted to know where his purple shirt was. Liston was brave and gave the scripture in primary today.


Here I am trying to rest my legs after a long hike. The boys enjoy playing it it. Liston will plug his nose and hold his breath but won't go all the way underwater yet.


These were as tall as I am on both sides of the trail. Picture not quite the same as in person.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I took a hike up to tablerock today. Hit the trail about 6 got on top about 930. I crashed the last mile it took me about an hour just for it. Pictures are a panorama for you. Saw somw wildflowers that I'll post later that were nice. And I was treated to a bull moose about 30 yards away on the way down. I probably saw about 50 people on the way down that were headed up. A lot looked like college kids from Rexburg. I didn't see any one on the way up. Nice day. Took longer than I thought and left Mare at home with the kids a long time. After I got home my feet were killing me luckily the boys didn't mind getting in the hot tub to relax for about an hour. Now i'm just waiting for nightime to come so I can catch up on some sleep.

I could see people on top of the grand with my binoculars. It is a big rock up close.