Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coleman turns 2

Coleman turned 2 on Tuesday. I know, hard to believe he is already 2. His 2 favorite words are ME and NO. We love him to death and are blessed to have him in our lives. Here are some pics of his special birthday.

Yeah Its My Birthday!

It always starts out the night before with my wife staying up really late and decorating putting the finishing touches on everything. This year was no different. We usually let the boys choose what they want for a cake. Coleman really likes spiders and has been wanting a spider cake. His mom did some googling and found one she thought she could do. It was her first one with the different frosting so she did the cake the night before to make sure it would work. My young wife stayed up till almost midnight getting everthing ready. That is late for someone who will be 32 in a couple of months. I went to bed after I blew up the balloons for her as I am well past 32.

I thought it turned out great. So did Coleman. He had to walk over and point to his cake 100 times before we ate it. We even made this picture the wallpaper on the computer so Coleman can still talk about his Spider.

She made some spider cupcakes just incase the cake wasn't so hot to eat. Coleman ate three of the spiders off the cupcakes for breakfast. He was the only one able/brave enough to eat the baby spiders. Boys couldn't handle the spider fondunt things. But liked the cupcakes.

The day started off a little after 7. Older boys were up ready for Coleman to get started on his presents. Coleman proved to be a real champ at opening presents this year. Hardly had any help at all even though Deacon was trying his hardest to help him.

The weather was crappy all day. It snowed and rained almost the whole day. So we ran out of things to do. We had bought an egg coloring kit in Utah. The boys haven't stopped asking about it so we decided to go ahead and color some. They all had fun. We even did a few raw eggs because they didn't want to stop.

Everyone getting in on the egg coloring. We would have done more but I don't think anyone here really eats them

Coleman loves to play in the snow so he spent a long time outside with the new snow

These two just like to wrestle all the time

After the snow and dinner we got to the main course.
Someone is excited for what is coming

Boys Excited for cake

Peace at last

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Throwing Rocks

Can you tell I can't think of any exciting titles this morning? :) Anyway, we headed to the Park on Friday to see if we could spot any wildlife. We pretty much struck out. We did see some geese and swans at the oxbow but that was expected. They were a beautiful sight though. So after our sightseeing we headed down to the river and the boys did what boys do best--they threw rocks in the river. We also ended up with a car full of rocks--each of the boys stuffed their own little rock treasures in their pockets to take home! And then promptly forgot about them :)


Gosh, I'm getting behind on this blog! We have been enjoying some nice weather---until last night when we got pounded with snow! But last Sunday, when the sun was still shining, we dug the scooters out and went for a ride! Here are a few pics: