Sunday, May 16, 2010

Race Day!

So back in March Todd must have decided I needed some extra exercise cause he challenged me to do a 5K. He even looked on the internet and found one that also had races for the boys to run--the Endurance Festival in Pocatello. Well, not wanting to back down from his challenge I tentatively accepted! I started the Couchto5K program that Monday and it really helped me get ready. When I first started I could barely run for 2 minutes. And yesterday I ran a 5K--can't believe it! It felt so good to set a goal and work towards it and actually accomplish it! Now I'm excited to set a few more goals and see where they take me. And I MAY run a few more races. I told Todd yesterday as we were driving to the race that I thought races were stupid and I didn't feel excited and all I felt was nervous. But by the time I found myself taking off at the starting line I was ready to do some running! I came in 3rd out of the few women who raced so I got some prizes. A Gold's gym membership for a month in Pocatello--which sadly I will not be commuting to so we gave it back! And I also got a necklace that Liston has claimed and a $10 gift certificate to an overpriced bike shop where I found some socks--yay!
The boys ran yesterday as well! I was so proud of them for stepping up and running the whole way. Coleman had to hold his Dad's hand but he still made it. And they all got metals and as much gatorade, fruit and Great Harvest bread as they could eat! It was a great day! Thanks Todd for getting us there and cheering us all on. I know I couldn't have done any of it without you!


Deacon has always been a snorer! I remember sitting in church with him as an infant and he was snoring so loudly I could hardly hear the teacher :) I'd have to juggle him around trying new positions to see if he would quiet down. And every year at his yearly check-up I'd ask about his tonsils and the Dr would say they were fine. Well, this year at Coleman's check-up I asked the Dr to take a look at them again. I was afraid he wasn't breathing very well at night because I'd hear a delay in his breathing constantly. Well, this time the Dr said his tonsils looked terrible and ordered a oxymeter to test his oxygen. The results--those nasty tonsils and adenoids needed to come out!
Deacon was very brave--I was a little worried he would be scared. But he was happy and talked to all the nurses and Drs and asked them all kinds of crazy questions. He really wanted to see his tonsils when the Dr. cut them out but they sent them to the lab. He was kind of sad until I showed him a picture of some on the internet and he said they looked GROSS!
Here are some pics of my brave boy whom I think is finally on the mend. He made it through the whole night with no medicine and hasn't asked for any this morning--yay! Love you Deaq--glad you're feeling better!