Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boys at the river!

Here are some pics of the boys taking a break from the car and mtn goat watching. A stop at the Snake River with lots of rocks was just what they needed!

Snake River Canyon Mountain Goats

(I stole this post from Todd's blog so I wouldn't have to type another!)
Years ago my wife and I got to spend a week in Glacier NP. It was an awesome trip. Some of the most memorable things from that trip were our chances to get up and close with the mountain goats. Ever since then they've always been sorta special. I knew they introduced mountain goats into the snake river canyon between Jackson and Alpine years ago. Even had people tell me about seeing them close to 10 years ago. Not sure why we never went for a look before. My wife ran across some recent internet posts about people seeing the goats. Then the paper had a picture of them. Saturday turned out to be a good day to go and see if we could find them.

We saw quite a few little ones.
We saw this guy when we first arrived zig zagging up towards the goats.

Probably keeping a watchful eye on the coyote.

I think this is a golden eagle?

My son spotted this one about 20 minutes after our arrival. He was just sunning alternating his look between the goats and the road.

This was laying about 20 feet from the coyote. I know it is part of life but baby goats are just so cute.

Farther down the canyon we found some more just hanging out watching traffic.

Really wish I had bigger lens!

It was a long drive to go and see them but well worth it. We saw at least 3 different groups through out the canyon easily over 20 mountain goats. Not sure how long they will be down close to the road but we will probably be back. Now if Yellowstone would just open, we could take a few more wildlife viewing road trips.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Skiing in the Park

Gosh, I really have been terrible at taking pics this winter. I'll have to keep the camera out so I won't forget :)

A few weeks ago we headed over to GTNP. They were getting ready to plow the road for bicycles so this was our last day to get out there with our cc skis. It turned out to be a fun day.
My hot blooded Deacon took his coat off after about 20 minutes.
Coleman hanging out in his ski sled Todd made him.

The boys posing before we turned back and headed for home. We couldn't get Deacon to stop moving around :) I think Liston is looking older every day! My boys are growing up!

We decided to stop for a little chocolate energy before we made it back to the car. Deacon still insisted he wasn't cold :)
Coleman and I hanging out on the fence. He said it was his favorite part of the day!