Monday, January 26, 2009


Some friends called us up to go sledding on Saturday! Boy was it a snow day! The skies dropped about 8 inches of snow on us but we had a blast!
Coleman's first trip down the slope

Liston ready to take on the hill

This was Coleman's expression the whole day--not impressed! I think he was waiting for someone to break out the hot chocolate.

Deacon wanting to sled instead of pose!

Liston heading back up the hill

Do You See Them?

Do you see em?

How about now?

Yep, Coleman's got chompers! Four of them! We're glad to see he won't be toothless on his first birthday like Deacon!


Okay, so anyone who visits this blog has probably noticed that it's been pretty messed up lately :) I have been having a hard time keeping some of my page elements loaded and so I decided maybe now was a good time to reload everything and maybe try a new template. BAD IDEA! There are sooo many templates that do so many cool things that I can't decide on one!!! And the ones I did decide to try don't fit my page properly. And then my html code got all messed up and wouldn't load anything! Yeah, I'm not a computer genius! SOOO I've decided to just go back to my old page layouts. I'll try to get everything else loaded sometime today. And hopefully leave it alone--for a while!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I came home from work the other day and found out who the real messmaker is in the house. We always blame the older kids for making a mess in the room with food. Now we know who it is.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Coleman doesn't get to play with the smowman so he plays inside with mom.

He does look cute clowning with mom.

Hope cousin Ethan is jealous of my cars pullover


The boys really wanted to knock down the snowman we built the other day. I wouldn't let them do it then. But today I told them they could knock it down if they could.

But, since we had a warm spell that melted some snow the snowman was solid ice and they couldn't budge it.

Now the break to come in and get some hot chocolate

That hits the spot!