Thursday, June 25, 2009

Camping at Signal Mountain

We went camping at Signal Mountain this last weekend. Todd brought the kayak along for it's first official float of the summer. Coleman and I hung out on the shore while Todd and the boys explored the Oxbow bend.

Earlier in the day I made a comment that I wanted to actually see an otter. Well, I guess it was our lucky day because Todd spotted one! We were able to watch it for a few minutes while Coleman threw rocks in the water.

Later that evening it was my turn to venture out with Liston and Deacon. We were able to see tons of wildlife. As we meandered through the little islands on the river we were able to see a Mama moose and baby. Unfortunately I only had the video camera with me--which did me little good. I had a hard time paddling and filming at the same time :)

Here I am trying to film a beaver that kept swimming around us slapping his tail. I was surprised at how close he got to us and how long he swam near us. Liston and Deacon loved it!

Shots of Mount Moran and the Tetons

This young buck wandered right into our camp and munched on some bushes near our car. He definately wasn't shy. While he was there a doe came walking into our camp and was going to walk right by Coleman and Liston. Todd said he thought she was curious about all the noisy sounds they were making. We ended up seeing her baby later that day!

Here's a pretty little Western Tanager

Todd and the boys kayaked on Jackson Lake the next morning. I love the view of Mount Moran from the lakeshore.

And lastly we hit String Lake before we headed home.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


You know it's officially summer in Driggs when Todd puts the kayak on the Trooper!

The Boys enjoying the sun!

My columbine has been blooming like crazy! The Blue Columbine is one of my all time favs! And I love my little forget-me-nots

The Boys practicing their fishing before our camping trip last weekend. (I'll try to get to posting about that next!)

Coleman getting in on the action!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


No trips this last weekend. We were planning on camping at Jackson Lake since it was free fishing in Wyoming on Sat. but the weather kept us home. It was been rainy and gloomy all week. So I thought I'd post a few pics of the boys just being boys!

Here's Coleman licking the bowl!

I went to my presidency meeting last week and one of the kids had a binky that Coleman would not leave alone. So when we got home I whipped out one I'd had from when Coleman was a newborn. He played with it for a few days and then decided he'd had enough. He never actually sucked on it--just bit it. As you can see in the pic he has half of it in his mouth!

I love these pics of Deacon

Liston posing cute and silly!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Yellowstone Trip #3

So we headed to Yellowstone last weekend for some family fun! In a nutshell:
We did a lot of driving
We saw a lot of animals
Coleman did a lot of crying (in the car!)
We had a lot of fun
And we did it all on just a little bit of sleep!! (Coleman is no longer allowed to share a sleeping bag with me!)

Blue Heron

Baby Buffalo

Ice on Yellowstone Lake

Cute Deacon despite the messy face(he was actually being very naughty at that moment!)

Another pic of Yellowstone Lake

The boys in the early morning

Umm...another pic of the lake

A pelican

Fun in the car

A mama moose that had been attacked by wolves
(you can see her 4 day old baby laying at the base of the tree)


A full curl Ram

Some sheep on some crazy cliffs
(There are 2 babies in the pic--can you spot them?)

Cute little baby and mama

We also saw a few bears but they are just specks in the photos we took. Hope you enjoy the pics!