Sunday, October 18, 2009

Enjoying indian summer

We had a nice couple of days for weather. We spent the days kayaking over in the park.

First day we floated below Jackson lake. Saw 2 moose that I'm sure were a mom and baby earlier this year. We had to go right by them in the river but they just kept on eating and ignored us.

Second day we put in on String lake took the portage of about 100yds (which about killed us dragging the kids and 2 kayaks) to leigh lake and back. We had to put Coleman in one of the kayaks as we carried them from lake to lake. So no picture since our hands were full. My shoulder and sides hurt from the kayak resting against me while I was carrying it.

Leigh lake wraps around so we were directly below the south side of mt Moran. The scenery being below the big mountain was worth it though.

Liston and Coleman each took turns falling asleep while Mare was paddling them.

We found a pet grouse in one of the parking lots. We saw him first over by a car while we were unloading. So hte kids walked over and were watching it. Next thing he came right over to the car. After the kids scared him away we forgot about him. I was with the kids down by the lake eating some lunch waiting for Mare to come back when the next thing I know the grouse came right up to where we were eating. He was inches from Coleman. I wasn't going to take his picture but he kept getting so close pretty sure he wanted us to give him something.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cave Falls

We drove to Cave Falls yesterday in between conference sessions. There was a big collapse this spring so the entrance to the cave was blocked off. But the boys had fun anyway with some little croakers they found!

Happy Birthday Liston

Liston celebrated a birthday this last week. He had been waiting all year for his chance for presents and cake! And can you guess what he wanted to do for the day? Watch his superhero movie again and again!!! We did make time for a few more activites. Here he is opening some gifts:

We didn't do a pinate this year. We had a candy hunt around the house instead!

Time for cake!

I can't believe my little man is getting so big! I love you Bubba and am so grateful to have you in our family! I love your excitement for life, your melt-my-heart smile, and your willingness to always be a friend.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


We took a short trip to Pueblo over the weekend. Liston is off from school all week for spud break and figured it would be the best chance we get. We left Friday after school and drove to Glendo State park and camped out to split the long drive up. We saw more antelope between Shoshoni and Casper than you would think even possible.Going to fast to take pictures though. We stopped at the Denver Zoo on Saturday. It was pretty packed and hot near 90. Kids made it for about 2+ hours before they had had enough and got cranky.

Coleman loves Polar bears so he was excited to see them and stand next to a nine foot tall one to see how he measures up :)

No stroller or backpack so Coleman had it made.

Liston's favorite animal is the Komodo Dragon and this one was by the glass posing for everyone.

Liston got to celecrate his birthday twice. Once at dad's and again at mom's. 2 rounds of birthday cake and presents for him.

Deacon enjoyed the 2 rounds of birthday cake as well.

Liston getting help opening presents.

Liston wanted to try the guitar on rock band. I handed it to him and he somehow knew exactly how to put the strap over his shoulder and hold it like a pro.

We got to see a herd on sheep down the Hoback on the way home

Deacon ready to get out.

When we left Pueblo on tuesday the forecast was for 89. On wednesday we got snow. I thought we might make it all of September without our usually snow storm but it came the last day of the month. Snowed all day.

They boys had fun playing with their cousins and getting spoiled by the grandparents and aunts/uncles. Thanks to everyone for letting us come down and stay and making the trip fun.