Sunday, August 22, 2010

Deacon is 5!!!!!!!!!!

We celebrated Deacon's 5th birthday on the 12th.
He had a good day hanging out at home playing with his presents. He has really grown up this last year. He loves to ask questions about everything. For every one you answer, he asks two more. He loves his older brother and will defend him no matter what. He is also the best playmate for his younger brother who I think looks up to him like he does to Liston. He currently loves to play Lord of the Rings video game with Liston. When they are not playing the game they are pretending to be orks around the house fighting.
He always keeps us entertained and we love him.
Happy Birthday Deacon.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fishin' and Frogs

Yeah, so I'm finally getting around to posting again! The boys finished up with swimming lessons last Friday. Todd came with us and told Deacon that we'd try to go catch a catfish afterwards. Well, Todd heard that Mud Lake was supposed to have catfish so we headed there--Todd thought he knew about where it was :) Well, when we saw a sign for it we decided it was a little too far to go at 6 in the evening. But we didn't want to abandon our fishing plans all together so we stopped at a pullout at Henry's Fork.
The fishing---yeah, it stunk! No catfish or any fish for that matter. But there were some awesome frogs that kept us hopping!

Here's Deacon with a frog he caught. Everyone had to take a turn with it. And of course Coleman had to kiss it--he kisses everything!

Love this last pic of my little fisherman

ps Deaq's bday pics coming soon!