Sunday, August 21, 2011

Deacon is 6!!!!

Birthday Boy!!

Deacon turned 6 on the 12th.  The boys slept in the tent the night before and on his birthday.  Mom and dad each slept one night in it since I had to work and we had an upcoming week of tent camping. He opened his presents first thing.  Then the boys enjoyed throwing water balloons at each other for awhile.  Later he wanted to go to the Jackson rec center and swim.  They spent almost the whole time going up and down the waterslides.  Which was good water practice for the upcoming trip to the Flaming Gorge.  Deacon has always been special to us and we are glad he is part of our family.  He keeps us entertained constantly.

He had tons of presents to open and enjoyed them all!!!

Looking good in his mask.

Mom made lots of water balloons for the boys.  They were a big hit!  Tent in the back because Deacon wanted to go camping for his birthday.

Coleman getting Liston.

Deacon love the Batman character Twoface.  Here is the Lego version of him from one of their favorite Lego games to play.  Cake was really yummy too.

Getting his candles out on first try.