Saturday, June 19, 2010

Demo Day

Before we left for the day the boys were playing underwear superheroes. Mare said they do this quite often but that the socks on their hands was new.

We went to Slide Lake down the Gros Vente on Saturday to a check out a free demo day for some kayaks. It was fun for me and the boys. They liked taking out different kayaks and trying them out. Liston was even big enough to reach the pedals on one of the sit on top tandem kayaks so he could help move us along. Camera ran out of batteries or we would have got some cute pics of Coleman in the Kayak. Coleman of course didn't want to get out after he got his turn kept pointing anywhere except the boat dock.

Waiting his turn throwing rocks.

Good looking Guy.

I even tried out a paddleboard but not for long since I didn't want to fall in in front of everyone.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Saturday was free fishing day in Idaho. I didn't hold out much hope for fishing cause it was supposed to rain. Well, the day turned out gorgeous. Todd wanted to go to Ririe Reservoir so we headed over. The sky was overcast but warm and NO WIND! It was perfect. The boys had fun casting out and I was impressed and a little imtimidated by their fishing skills :) We lost a few lures and caught no fish (probably because of all the rocks being thrown into the lake) but still had a fun time!

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Graduate

Liston is now an official kindergarten graduate! I'm so proud of him for all his hard work this year! Here are a few pics from his last day of school! It was FREEZING but the kids seemed to enjoy their field day! The boy in all his pics is his best friend AJ.

ps Shoot! I can't get all my pics to load. Guess you'll just have to imagine the potato sac race and long jump :)

Memorial Day Fun!

So, we headed to Yellowstone this last holiday weekend. Todd ended up having to work on Saturday morning so we got kind of a late start. But the weather was kind of crappy so being in the car for the day was not so bad :) We, okay really just Todd, set up the tent at Bridge Bay amid the snow coming down! The next morning we woke up and headed toward Mammoth for a little warmer campground. We went to church in Garder at probably the smallest branch I've ever been to. Sunday was much more pleasant with only a few rain showers. And we got to have a CAMPFIRE for dinner, which is pretty monumental because it was the first one we've ever had. So we broke out the hotdogs and s'mores to celebrate :)Oh I do have an exciting story to tell about Saturday night. Coleman wanted to go on a walk around the campground so I took his hand and we started on our walk. We had been hearing a cow elk calling for her baby a few minutes earlier but she had stopped and I assumed she found her baby. All of a sudden there was this really loud high pitch yelping and Coleman and I looked up on the hillside and saw a baby elk bounding down being chased by a coyote. Well, if you know me you know this is about the last thing I want to see--a baby being killed by a coyote. The coyote was so close, then all of a sudden 3 cow elk came over and chased the coyote away. Whew! I looked around on the road and other campers had gathered to see the action along with 4 other elk--all of us standing together! The other elk moved up the hillside I guess to help out in the guarding of the little elk. So yay, a happy ending to my little story!
On Monday, the sun came out and we spent most of our time walking the boardwalks looking at geysers. This really won the boys over and they were not too excited to go home! I'm sure we'll be back in the park soon! Here's a few pics! (Sorry I took some blurry one!) And yes we actually saw a bear--for about 3 seconds before the ranger yelled at us to get moving!