Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Todd!

Here are a few pics from Todd's birthday! His birthday on Sunday was actually pretty quiet since we'd done all our partying with the Tram the day before! But here's a few pics with him blowing out his candles! Happy Birthday Todd--I love you and I'm so grateful to have you with me on this crazy ride!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Jackson Tram

The Jackson tram is free for locals right now, so we decided to take advantage of the nice day. They have been doing it each year at th end of season but this is the first time we've made it. It was a great weather day even though the sign said it was going to be 28 degrees on top. It turned out to be pretty nie since there wasn't any wind.

Waiting in line, wanting to be held :)

There were quite a few paragliders flying around while we were waiting for the tram. Eventually we passed them and could look down on them.

The first thing Coleman did when he stepped out of the tram on top was put some snow in his mouth.

The boys all thought it was a pretty cool ride.

This is where the boys get their good looks.

This shot has the Jackson Hole cowboy logo in it.

They got a little bit of snow last week.

Deacon posed for me on top of a little hill that is up there.

Looking down with Deacon, at Mare and Coleman.

Boys with the Grand in the background.

Fresh snow on trees makes the coolest image in the mountains I think.