Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mammoth campground

I talked Mare into going camping on Friday which was the first day that the West entrance to Yellowstone opened. She inturn talked one of her friends who have a daughter a few months older than Coleman into going with us. Everyone had on warm clothes in the morning until the sun made it over the mountain and warmed us up.

Coleman is always a trooper and a good cute baby. He didn't cry much at night and his mom made sure he was warm. He must not have slept well though because the next day in the car he took 3 long naps.

When we first arrived we counted 30+ elk across the road from our campsite. We watched them for awhile. Later that night and the next day they were walking through camp. Not afraid of us at all. We didn't even notice the one right by our tent while we ate breakfast. Carl told Liston the elk were spies and were watching us. Liston had fun with that thinking that they were. Maralee is convinced some slept by our tent in the middle of the night, says she heard them cow call by our tent and everything. They did make the campsite a good one hanging around us all the time. At bnight and in the morning they were talking back and forth.

We got to watch this coyote try and catch a couple of mice right by the road. He wasn't too afraid of us either. Boys liked seeing him. It made it a little more memorable for them that night when some howled by our campsite.

Coleman and Emry playing in the dirt and pine cones until one parent finally got out a blanket to sit on taking away the fun.

Liston will almost always pose for me and smile. We slept in our tent while our friends wimped out and slept in their car:)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Fun!

Easter was really a fun time at our house this year. And the weather was gorgeous all weekend. We drove over to Tetonia for the annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday morning. My spirits were high as we arrived to find bright plastic eggs dotting the GRASS of all things! Last year the boys were dressed in full winter gear and the eggs were hidden in the footprints in the snow! The boys waited anxiously for their chance to snatch all the eggs and soon the whistle blew. Deacon bolted out but soon realized he was surrounded by all kinds of crazy kids and he quickly retreated! Papa helped him find his way back out and he was able to get some eggs! Liston had a bout of stagefright last year at the egg hunt but this year he was focused. He darted out, head down and determined. He filled his basket well and was running around looking for more!

On Sunday we talked more of the resurrection and tried to get the boys to understand that Easter ment more than easter baskets and candy! The sunshine was a perfect backdrop for the occasion, thawing the winter snow and bidding new life. I'm so grateful for the Savior and His atonement and Resurrection.
After church the boys discovered that the easter bunny had visited while they were changing their church clothes and they headed to the back yard for another hunt! Even Coleman found an egg.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

I ment to get this posted yesterday but the day got away from me. This is from Elder Hollands talk from this past general conference. Happy Easter!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Coleman is 1!!!!!!!!!

We celebrated Coleman's 1st birthday on Monday! I cannot believe that he has been in our home for a whole year! He is such a sweetheart and I love him dearly. Just looking at him makes me crack a smile! He makes me feel so grateful to be a mother! Mom to 3 crazy boys has truly spoiled me :) How I love you Coleman---you make my life such a joy!

Todd had to work Monday so our festivities throughout the day were simple. Coleman loves baths so as soon as breakfast was over I plunked the boys in the tub and let them play until they were all wrinkly little raisins. Then Coleman spent the rest of the morning climbing up and down the stairs with a look on his face that said, "Oh I am sooo getting away with this today"! He is obsessed with the stairs and will go up and down them any chance he gets. I have enlisted Liston and Deacon to be on "stairs patrol" for me to keep their little brother safe! Well, since it was Coleman's birthday he chose the afternoon activities which included blowing bubbles and bubbles and more bubbles and trashing the boys room to his hearts content.

Finally Todd was home from work and Judo class was over and we were able to get on with some partying. We had spaghetti for dinner as that is Coleman's favorite--it's fun to watch him suck down the noodles. Then I made him a simple cake with whipped cream and strawberries. We sang "Happy Birthday about 5 times and the boys were all too willing to help Coleman blow out his candle. He made a big mess with his cake and then we headed to the front room for presents! I think his favorite presents were a little basketball Liston bought for him and the sucker Deacon bought him. Best $1 ever spent. Oh, and he loved the balloons all over the place! All in all it was a great day! Happy Birthday Coleman--we sure love you!

Here are some pics: (Thank you everyone for the cards and gifts!)