Friday, August 28, 2009

Kayaking the Lake

I got to go on a weeklong kayak trip down to the southeast arm of Yellowstone lake a couple weeks ago. My dad and his wife came too. We've been trying to do it for 3 years. A guy I work with had 2 sea kayaks he let my dad and Peg use so we finally got the trip done. It was probably the best trip I've had and would do it again in a heart beat if anyone out there wants to go. I thought it was way easier than backpacking.

Dad thought I was putting on weight so these 2 photos are for him :)

View of the Promontory. I would definitely like to get a campsite on it next time.

2 otters cruising the shoreline

some backcountry

Behind me is the view into the south arm, a trip for next time I guess.

Dad and Peg relaxing

We paddled up the inlet to the yellowstone river a couple miles. Dad said he saw a bear walk out onto this sand bar then leave before the rest of us could make it around the bend to see it.

There were some fresh tracks in the sand heading to where dad thought he saw the bear.

After kayaking in white caps with the wind blowing against us what seemed like all day this was the second nights campsite.

Had to take a break from the ruff water we had on our second day.

Fishing wasn't very good at all. Only saw a couple fish along the shoreline. Waste of money for a fishing license.

last campsite and probably the best one on the lake. Had great views, the grass along the meadow gave me some allergies making it a restfull night sleep for everyone in the tent.

last night for photos

Last night of the trip

Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Step

Well, I dropped Liston off at his 1st day of kindergarten this morning. I think I was more nervous than he was!

Liston picked out his clothes--he really likes orange right now! I was just happy he kinda matched :)

Walking to school

Coleman in his favorite spot

Lining up to go in and start the fun!

ps Todd's got some pics to post from his Kayak trip in Yellowstone. Hopefully I'll get him to post them this weekend.

Splish, Splash

The boys have finally decided that they like to swim. They have been pretty hesitant this summer about playing in the pool. Todd and I even tried to bribe them once to run through the sprinkler! What wimps, I know! Well, they finally took the plunge last week (into our tiny pool) and now there's no going back! Everytime they go outside they end up getting wet! Here's a few pics from their water adventures. (And had I KNOWN they were outside getting wet, swimming suits would have been on em!!!!)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Birthday Boy

We celebrated Deacon's 4th birthday on Wednesday. He has sure grown up alot in a years time. He is always asking questions about stuff and giving us our funniest moments. The other day I was laying down with him and we were talking about ghosts. He said they were scary. I told him there weren't really any ghosts they were just pretend. He said he knew there was one ghost. I told him no. Then he said what about the holy ghost. He got me on that one. We are glad he is part of our family and enjoy him more everyday.

He knows whats coming.

Wanted a Darth Maul b-day cake and mom provided


Here is deacon opening a few presents.
Thanks to everyone who sent him one or a card. I asked him which was his favorite present and he said all of them.

Hard to believe Deacon is 4. He wanted to go to the Alta park and play for his birthday.

The boys had fun even though it was really hot.

He wanted a hot air balloon pinata

The boys took turn hitting the Pinata

Deacon has been into Darth Maul lately. Here is a Mask he got for his birthday.

Using his new easel that his mom got for him.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Guess what we've been doing?

Yep, the huckleberries are finally ripe enough to pick! Yay!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My little man is headed to kindergarten in a few weeks. How'd he grow up so fast? Boy, am I going to miss him!


Here's pic of a spider I found in my basement last night. I took a pic of it and looked it up on the internet. From what I found it looks like our friendly little arachnid is a hobo spider--GGRREAATTT! Looks like I'm heading to ACE tomorrow for some traps!