Sunday, February 13, 2011


Well, the boys are finally done with skiing. They started in Oct with trail running to get them in shape. And they ended the season last week with a final ski with the nordic team. Their group was called "The Fast Turtles"! The boys have had a lot of fun but I think it was time for a break for both the boys and their Mom :) We've got a ski track a few blocks from our house now so we'll have to get a little more skiing in before the snow melts. But we won't have to go out when it's FREEZING!!! Our last day of skiing with the Nordic Club was soooo cold. And it also happened to be the day that Deacon ended up with only 1 glove in his backpack and Liston had to pee at the track. Joy joy!!
Here are some pics from their first 2K race. I got to go with them and I'm glad I did because I think they might have gotten lost!! Our goal for this race was to just to finish and not worry about what place we came in. And the boys did great! Liston had a time of 21 min and Deacon finished at 24 min.

Here's Liston at the top of the first hill of the race.

Off he goes

Deacon and I coming up the first hill

Off we go

Coleman enjoying the race :)

Liston at the home stretch

Deacon and I coming up the last hill

Here's Deacon after the race

Liston after the race