Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spudchase xc ski race

Well we're a little late posting on the boys second ever XC ski race.  It wasn't as warm as the year before but still a nice day.  Both kids were 7 minutes faster than they were the year before.  They were at the back of the pack as far as the other kids but they are also the littlest ones.  We were proud to see ho much faster they have gotten.  Deacon tried really hard and was full of sweat afterward.  Liston still leaves a little to be desired as far as his effort goes.  However he has made great improvements on his skiing.  Deacon still likes to just take off and run on his skis.

Liston taking off.

Deacon ready to go.

Coleman hanging out.

Spud Chase was at Teton Springs wich is probably our favorite track with its nice little hills and scenery.
Next year maybe they'll be on skate skis instead of classic skis.